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24soccertips.com is created to sell very good soccer predictions also called tips.These predictions are provided from our tipsters according many factors with main idea - to make profit with your favorite sport - soccer.

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Today soccer tips:

soccer game: Chelsea - Barcelona

Paid soccer prediction from Europe , Champions League

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soccer game: Sheffield Utd - QPR

Paid soccer prediction from England , Championship

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soccer game: Fleetwood Town - Portsmouth

Paid soccer prediction from England , League One

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Soccer Predictions

Sport and especially "Soccer" is an important part of the life of any modern person. Sport is not only for fun, but a great way to make money. It's really possible to turn such a passion into a constant source of stable income. Just think about it.
If you have the opportunity to predict in advance the result of the match? Any intelligent person would like to make a profit from it. With our predictions you can easily accomplish that. In order to give you this chance, our team are not only analysts, but they are also in-depth knowledge of mathematical statistics and probability theory. This combination is the most accurate. Calculate all alone is very difficult, and in some cases even impossible, that's why we also use specialized, expensive software products, which are adapted to the analytical work.

List of supported leagues:

Our soccer tips/predictions are based on matches from European leagues, South America leagues, Asian leagues, major UEFA and FIFA leagues, and so on.

Tips and information about spread betting and asian handicap

What does Spread Betting mean?
The fame of spread betting has been continuously surging over the recent years and this can be explained with the greater excitement it brings to punters compared to the bets with fixed odds and soccer picks. The system is analogues to Asian Handicap and the main principle is the gambler to be presented with the same likelihood to win despite the side they take. The amount won and lost is calculated on the precision of your wager, i.e. on to what extent your bet is right or mistaken.

What are the Essentials of Spread Betting?
Assume one bookie thinks there will be 15 or 16 corners in a specified game. This means the spread is fixed at 15-16. In case you think that there will be over 16 corners, you buy $10 per point at 16, meaning that you get $10 for each corner after the 16th one. However, if the corners are less than 16, you will lose some cash.
Considering that there are 24 corners in the game, you will get (24-16) x $10 = $80.
However, if there are only 11 corners, you will lose (16-11) x $10 = $50.
Gamblers can also sell by making a punt that the result will be lower than the fixed spread. The more precise your forecast is, the greater your profits and backwards.
Naturally, the odds will decrease when gamblers start betting on the front-runner. Thus, the spread can change unpredictably with no relation to the variations in the market similar as asian handicap. Punters can use this as a benefit, and buy and sell points on one event. This process is known as trading, could be found on google and it ensures that bettors realize a profit despite of the closing result.

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